HO Syndicate A3 Slalom Ski 67in

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HO Syndicate A3 Slalom Ski 67in description from The House

The secret to unlocking the slalom course puzzle is creating and maintaining ski angle. Ask any of the great champions of HOa (TM) s Sport, from Bob and Kris LaPoint, to Wade Cox to Will Asher and they will tell you the name of the slalom course game angle. You create and maintain angle and a lot of other things fall into place. The LaPoints created angle with an unmatched power the water ski world has not seen since. Cox blow their minds with his all-out attack of ski angle via lower body compression and drive. Asher has perfected the technical science of angle creation and helped the Syndicate design team develop HO game-changing combination of ski features known as Automatic Angle design. Automatic Angle design is a combination of a balanced ski angle without the traditional aggressive skier lean. The angle of the bevel is actually steeper than a traditional ski which allows the ski to roll into a high edge angle resulting in a quicker change of direction and increased angle in the slalom course. By achieving ski angle without aggressive skier lean, skiers reap the benefits of being wide and early for the next bouy without the consequences imposed by modern speed control system due to heavy rope load. Ride the future, ride Syndicate Course skis with Automatic design. * Speed Skin: Advance laminar texture ski base drag and increased ski speed * Acceleration Flex: Automatic turn initiation instant acceleration * Automatic Angle Shape for increased edge angle automatically, without skier lean * Automatic Angle Bevel design allow the ski to stay on edge at the finish of the turn for max acceleration * Auto-Centering Continuous Rocker: Auto-Centering technology applied to a continuous rockerline for the cleanest, tightest turns in the industry * Speed Control Specific Design: Be 1 step ahead of today's speed control systems * Superlite Construction: A proprietary combination of aerospace carbon fiber and Superlite core technology * Syndicate Red Adjustable Fin Block * Handmade in Seattle, Washington, USA * Suggested Boots: Double APEX / Double EXO Forms (Not included)

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First Ho I've owned in years and wished it hadn't taken so long. Very happy with my choice. HO Syndicate A3 Slalom Ski 67in is a great choice of waterskis.