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SRAM XG1190 11-Speed Cassette. Last year when SRAM announced they had redesigned their beloved PowerDome cassettes, most cyclists jumped for joy. While the original was lightweight and delivered amazing performance, it had a reputation for being incredibly loud. SRAM listened to their customers, and redesigned it with StealthRing elastomer bands that helped eliminate the vibration and silence the critics. The all-new SRAM XG1190 11-speed cassette takes the advances SRAM made last year and adds a little something extra. This 11-speed cassette is forged from a hollow steel dome, making it possibly the stiffest gear cluster out, and one of the lightest. It's crafted form heat-traded, high-grade tool steel that outlasts most competitors high-end cassettes when it comes to durability, and gives it a good looking, matte metallic finish that highlights the rugged beauty of SRAM's new 22 groups. The alloy ring has been made lighter, stiffer and stronger so when it's time to really hammer on the pedals, you can be sure that you'll have a gear that can deliver what you need it to. The move to 11-speeds mean that you also have more gears to choose from. For most cassettes, that means that you get back the 15T cog that has been missing for so many years. That means that you have more gearing options to find the perfect combination, can make smoother transitions when moving up and down the cassette, and eliminates any big jumps in gearing that can create mistimed or missed shifts. SRAM kept the StealthRing elastomers, so the cassette runs smooth and silent, which makes every ride more enjoyable for you, and your riding buddies. The cassette also uses SRAM's amazing X-Glide technology, so you'll be able to shift smoothly at any time, even under power. That means you never have to compromise your ride, back off on the pedals or lose a sprint due to a mistimed shift.

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This is my first Sram product and I'm really satisfied with it. I cant find better for the price of 350.99.